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There seems to be quite a few questions from users as to where their post went or why it was deleted. I hope to answer everyones' questions here and now...

First, the moderators are not the only people that can delete posts. Myself, other admins, super moderators, etc., can delete, move or lock topics in multiple forums. Many of the posts that have been in question recently were probably deleted by me.

There are too many reasons to go into detail on why each one was deleted. If you had a post deleted, ask yourself the following:

1. COULD the post be deemed as offensive by others?

2. Was the post on-topic, pertaining to sleds?

3. Did the post talk about a competing site or provide a link to one?

4. Did the post contain any brand bashing?

5. Was the topic posted in the correct forum?

These are just some of the reasons why a post may be deleted or moved. Some users need to understand that I don't have time to sift through each and every topic, deleting off the individual posts that need to be removed. Unfortunately, sometimes the whole topic gets deleted.

Previously, I made a post that listed some of the massive emails complaints that we have been receiving. One of the top complaints was that the forum, many times, gets way, way off the topic of sleds. I understand that something different is good once in a while, which is why some of the off-topic posts are allowed. But we have to use our discretion on whether it travels too far off topic. Let's face it; the breast discussion was pushing the envelope, irregardless of whether it was popular or not. If we all want to talk about a topic like that, let me know so I can start building  

There is no doubt that some forget that this is a family site. We sometimes also forget that many users allow their kids to read these forums. Sometimes, whether we like it or not, we have to get rid of topics that push the envelope.

(A SIDE NOTE: I also have been noticing a few posts related to brands of tow vehicles and which one is better. The brand bashing rules apply to auto companies also. Talk about your vehicles all you want, but we can't allow "my brand is better than yours" posts. I have my reasons...)


To clear ANY misunderstanding on the policy of competing sites, I will go over it again:

No posts will be allowed that lists a competing site. Period!

I will back the deletion of ANY post or topic that has a link to a competing site, talks about a competing site (even if this talk is against the other site), or a post that makes any reference to users going somewhere else. This applies only to competing sites, and I alone make that determination.

Myself, the moderators, admins, etc., have worked too hard to bring everyone a free sled site to see the forums fill up with talk and links to our competitors. Like I have said in the past; if a user wants to surf over to another site and check it out, be my guest. But let other users find that site by going to a search engine like everyone else. Many other sled sites don't allow it and neither do we.

Let's not confuse competing sites with other sites. Your personal page, your SW hope page, manufacturer sites, aftermarket companies are all fine. Let's make sure though you are not sending someone to another sled site, expecially one with another message board. That is just not fair to everyone here...

Also, if your post suddenly disappears and you can't figure out why, please don't ask the moderators. They delete, move and close many, many topics each day and will probably not even remember yours to begin with. If you truly can't figure out why your post was deleted or moved and your dying to find out, then private message me. I save a copy of ALL posts locally.

There is no doubt that some will disagree with these rules. But we feel that this is what separates us from all the other sites. A place to go with information, and forums that are friendly, on-topic, and never abusive. Deep down; isn't this what we all really want?

As said previously by a moderator; some of these rules are open to interpretation. There are times that we may actually allow the rules to be bent or even broken. We're not perfect and there are times when a few will get past us. But we do this to bring you the very best site that we can.

I will lock this topic as soon as this post is made as this topic is NOT open to PUBLIC discussion. If you have comments or questions, feel free to private message me. I will keep this post pinned for a week or more so that everyone gets a chance to read it.

I truly hope that everyone that disagrees with these rules would please take a minute to imagine what this place would look like if we didn't have these rules. Speaking only to those that disagree; have you really forgotten already why you came here in the first place? Can you at least admit that sifting through hundreds of useless posts and brand bashing topics got old after a while? Maybe, just maybe, a quick return to the forum you use to surf may remind you why we do what we do here.

I for one don't miss the days of looking through dozens after dozens of posts only to find that my question was ultimately answered with three little words: your sled sucks!

Thank you.
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