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Hello everyone
I'm a new member, already introduced myself in the new members topic. But i will do again here:whistling:

My name is Lucas Rijnders and i am from Holland. I'm 26 years old, live in Eindhoven and i have two volvo's (1973 144 and 1990 340) and i have a 1989 Honda CR500 supermoto.

I am doing research on the American and Canadian two stroke snowmobile market for special racing parts. I am doing an internship at the dutch company VHM ( who specializes in custom racing parts for two strokes (at this moment only dirtbikes and 125cc roadracers).

Now would like to know in what extend the snowmobile market is looking for a new supplier of special racingparts like CNC cilinderheads, Reedvalves and the service of balancing (adding of removing weight and changing the crankshaft inertia) crankshafts.

So, which companies already exist on the American and Canadian two stroke market who are making special cilinderheads and can modify crankshafts and cilinderheads completly to the customers wishes and specifications.

Where do you guys order your special racing parts right now? Do people modify their snowmobiles alot? Or are most of them still stock? What parts are used by the professional racers and race sled builders? Do they make their own parts or do they order them somewhere else (which company?). And is there after all a demand for a supplier for parts which can be made all to customers specs?

And how about in snowmobile racing? Is it allowed to change the cylinderhead and the crankshaft? Or is that forbidden?

A lot of questions, i'm sorry.
But it is a big research and i would like to know the inns and outs of your performance parts scene.

Thank you!

Greetings from Holland
Lucas Rijnders

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There are some performance shops out there. Not as many as there used to be - the stock sleds these days are really good already!

Here are a couple that are out there:

Most of the performance enhancing products fall into a couple of categories:

Cans/pipes - doesn't really gain much performance anymore but people like 'better' sound and lighter weight.

Heads / engine porting.

Clutch kits - better performance from the clutch systems

Turbo / super charger / nitrous systems.

Lightweight suspension parts and better shocks.

Custom tools.

Good luck!

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Hey Dave
Thanks for the reply.
This sure helps me a lot!

But if i understand right, changing the head is already on a higher level than chaning the cans or switching the clutch?
Are billet heads popular under the snowmobiling enthousiast? Or are they a pretty rare sight?
An how in racing? Are the racers using off the shelf head or are they custom made by their local engine builder?
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