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Which Model Should I Consider?

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im wondering what mid or late 90's model you guys would recommend to someone who is rough on their sleds when it comes to having fun and i dont mean crashing i mean jumping etc. i would prefer that it also had atleast a 800 in it
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I would look for something that's a 440x race chassis with a 800 engine dropped in it, at least if you're really serious about jumping it.

As for production models, the F, S, and CK3 chassis sleds from that time period are pretty fragile, unless you don't weigh very much (150 lbs or so...). So, that leaves the ZX chassis sleds, try to find something in a MXZ "X" model.

The only sled that was 800cc's and made in the mid-late 90's is the Mach Z with the 800cc triple (excluding the Grand Tourings), and although it'll do it, I wouldn't recommend jumping them. (although I am not afraid of taking jumps on my 1997 Mach 1....)

They didn't put 800 twins in the MXZ's until 2000 or 2001, I believe.
You won't find a 800 in the mid to late 90's unless you want a tripple. Not the greatest sleds for jumping. They did build a 440 snocross sled in the late 90's in the s-chassis but it is alot better in the ZX-chassis. The 440's are a great motor, lots of bottom & mid power. I have seen 440's run with the big boys up to about 70mph on a lake. I like to get a 440 rev chassis & dump a 830 big bore in it. w00t w00t w00t Just can't afford another sled.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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