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Who have an xtra 12?

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Well, Which of you have an Xtra 12 on a one passenger Sled and can carry another Passenger without problem?

I think its a crappy suspension. All my friend have one passenger sled and can carry her girlfriend without bottoming out. Formule III, MXZ, XLT 94, Formule PLus, ZR 600. Well its diversified and the only one that have problem with his suspension its me. I have take my sled on my Polaris Dealer but its just  young people that work here and they dont have experience. (18 -25) The first thing they have said to me its that cuz i dont have the good Shock hahahah hey man do you think i dont have check this before coming here??? The guys have checked the wrong speck Sled and finally he said to me " Dunno Why" ITS my Last Polaris SLED .... But some of you have good comment about this Suspension?
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While it's not my first choice for ruff stuff, it's not that bad of a suspension. There are optional springs available for it, the dealer should have told you. But first you might try increasing the tension on the front rear suspension shock. The fact your buddies can carry a bunch of extra weight on their sleds only means one of two things
1. They know how to set up their sleds for the extra weight.
2. The machines are so stiff they can't possibly have a decent ride with just one up.

I have try all the settings i can do. Change torsion SPring for bigger, preload on the front Shock and compression (with the screw) are at max, And last, a bigger Spring for my rear rear Shock but i scrapped my shock cuz going up to Quickly. And my dealer dunno how repair This... no other polaris Dealer in  my town or i need to make 400km of road to find one
You've made a common mistake on that rear shock. Even when it's new it will push in A LOT easier than it will pull out.
Car shocks are the same way. Shock designs on the very newest sleds are just now starting to get away from this idea, are working at 50/50 or adjustable compression/rebound. If it's a FOX shock make arangements to have it sent out to a dealer that knows what he is doing. If
it's not a Fox, get one, and have it revalved to your tastes.
It should be a Fox shock, that is what I had on my XLT Xtra12, and I had the same problem with riding my girlfriend double.  I finally solved the problem and got her own sled to ride!
. I have ridden double on my edge suspension, and besides being able to pull some AWESOME wheelies, have had no real problems with bottoming out.  michahicks is right, though, take it to a shop that rebuilds Fox shocks, and have it rebuilt/revalved to meet your needs.
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OK, look up at the top of this window, click on Tech Articles, and then click on the Inside Suspension Coupling link.  It has some very good info about the Xtra 12 suspension and why it is more prone to bottoming out than other suspensions.  Try this link... If I did things right, it should take you there

Suspension Coupling
Hi GUys, This XLT 98 Limited DOnt have FOx SHock on It. Its Indy Select Shock. This is Oil Shock
From the Article

"...It may be great for running 40 mph through the stutters, but if you want to go faster through the great big whoops it just can't handle it. Excellent for trail speeds and ride quality, but high speed control and resistance to bottoming is not a strength...."

OK but they this Suspension on Touring Sled. How they SOlve Bottoming problem on TOuring with the Xtra-12. What can happen  when Bottoming Often (what can broken)?
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FORTRESS- I have a 99 Polaris Classic 500 ZTouring 2 up sled with the ExTRA-12 suspension.My sled has almost 4000 miles on it and have had no problems with it bottoming out at all and I ride this comf-couch pretty quick!!As others have said, adjust it to your weight and it should work OK for you too.There is a sticker under the hood and in the manual telling you how to set the suspesion up for your weight.There is also a littel hex screw on the shocks to adjust the valving from soft to hard and also you can adjust the spring on the shock.My friend also bought a new 600 Touring sled with the same set-up and we did an 1000 mile tour last Winter in -39 F temps and they did ride alittle stiff until the shocks warmed up but this suspension as others have said, is not made to keep up on the trails with sleds like the XCSPs, F-Cats.It must work OK as I see they are still using it in the new sleds. Good luck with yours.
This thread is from 2 years ago.

What are you doing Polaris Boy?
Whoa big guy--youre right on the old post!!!!!!!! But you know with no snow to ride the machines on, we have got to have something to do. He has probably sold that sled with the Extra-12 suspension by now!!!
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