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Wires On Carb?

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My buddy just bought a 800 triple ZRT. Were trying to get it running properly. That airbox is a royal PITFA LOL Anyways, there is what looks like reed switches on the carbs. ONe's wires are broken. And there is a plug up by the steering column that has a tag attached, says something about throttle monitor?? Not sure, the writing is all wore off. What are these? and are the carb things actually necessary?

Thx in advance for your help.
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The wires on the carb are part of the safety mechanism to prevent the machine from running if the carbs get stuck open when you let off the throttle. Disabling (disconnecting) them will not interfere with the engine's spark, but you will lose the extra element of safety if you ever get a pinched throttle cable or iced carb slides. It is possible that having those wires connected is interfering with the spark though if the switching mechanisms are not set correctly.
Mine was also cut and the only problem I had was when a carb iced up and wanted to stick wide open,,,, I was able to kill it and figure out the problem (back home in fields) so I had to get it home,,, so it was start and drive there quick and then the ol hair dryer trick,,,
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