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Well here is the story. I had my 992 tripple in an 00 zrt800 with a 01 T-cat CDI box and 4 degree key, D&D trail pipes. I have Hooper adjustable weights and I could get the motor to rev to 9000 no problem and had to add weight to bring it to 8600-8800, set up perfect.

This year, I put the motor in a 96 with the 96 CDI box and a 2 degree key. Jaws pipes, same clutch. I can't get it to rev past 8500, maybee 8600 and I have to have like no weight in it.

I have been messing with clutching for 2 days now, and that isn't

Now it is doing this funny thing where it acts like it has an air leak, not sure if that is related.

I am strating to think it is electrical, or could my crank be out of phase? This year the very first time I played with it, I blew up my clutch at abotu 100mph. My crank is not welded.

WHere should I start? Does this sound electrical, or the crank?
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