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Would like to get a less heavy machine

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I bought a 2003 Polaris 500 XC EDGE snowmobile a few years ago and it's in pretty good shape, but it is so heavy! I'm a small guy and don't need anything with that much power. I live right beside the trail in Gardiner but this last year I only tried riding three times and two out of three of those times got stuck in deep sticky snow without going 100 yards. Then spent the next couple of hours trying to get the sled back in the garage. I need something a lot lighter! Maybe it would get stuck too but I'd have a lot easier time re-positioning it while attempting to get un-stuck. I can lift up the back end of this one a few inches and slide it one way or the other. The front end I can hardly lift at all. I saw a guy getting gas lift his sled by the front end and spin it around to head back to the trail and see stuff like that frequently on tv people tossing their sleds around like it's nothing. Is what I've got an especially heavy machine? What to search for in an attempt to get something lighter?

Thank you for any advice!

Gardiner, ME
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Think 70' Skidoo Elan. That's lighter.
going to be hard to find some thing light yet reliable because you would need to go back to free air days ,, might try going to the gym and some Wheaties
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