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Xcr 440

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What color is a 1994 Xcr 440?  And what are they worth?  Do they have Xtra 8 suspension or better?  How wide is the ski stance?  Are they a reliable sled?  Any problems with them?HOw fast are they?
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A 94 XCR is white. Power is a 432 Fuji with 38mm miks and cast iron liners producing about 68 hp. Rear suspention is an XC 100 with 7.5" of axle travel and FOX dampers. Ski stance is 41" and also has FOX dampers with 8" of travel. Top speeds vary with conditions and range from 80s to low 90s. The XCR "special" featured a new Fuji mill with nickasil cylinders, 38mm carbs and a new pipe producing about 80hp. The special also featured a very narrow steel ski and a new track design for increased traction. Hope I answered your questions.
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Do you have a 1994 XCR 440 ?  HOw much would one be worth?  What color are the decals?  Pink and purple?

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lil indy 500,   I ride a 98 440 xcr. A friend only paid $1500 US for his 94 special. The decals are red sripes and sky blue letters and numbers.
heres a link to answer your ?
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