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Xcr 700 Takes Awile To Kick In

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Hey, I have been having some trouble with my 98 XCR 700. The other day at a local radar track, I just started to notice that when from rest to full throttle my snowmobile would start to move and the engine would flutter around 5000-6000 rpm for about 4-7 seconds before it actually kicks in and takes off. I have also noticed that in deeper snow, it doesnt take off at all and just remain fluttering at low end.
When I say fluttering, its not really bogging out but almost like the engine is cutting off and on really fast untill it immediatly cuts in and takes off. I have also noticed the overall performance has decreased a lot for top end.
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Sounds like a bad throttle safety switch. remove the handlebar cover and unplug the connector with the black and brown wires and test run the sled again. Bear in mind that you wont have functional safety switches or killswitch until the problem is repaired. If that helps you know you have a defective safety switch to replace.
Did the safety switch help?

I have a 97 EFI that is really boggy until it hits 5500 RPM. Could this be the safety switch or is it more likely that I have dirty injectors or something?

We are expected up to 2' this week. I need her tip top shape. First time to sled in 5 years. Let it snow. Let it snow. LET IT SNOW :D
Thanks for the comments, I will give the safety switch idea a shot and see how it turns out.
I am still trying to figure out whats going on. Now it rarely gets above 4900 rpm, almost like it gets stuck when topping out. The odd time it will kick in, but most of the time its stuck under 4900 rpm and about 20 mph. When it does kick in, it takes right off. It also used to start up on first pull every time, now it takes quite a few pulls to get it going and it seems to have trouble starting. I am guessing there is a carb problem or possibly clutch problem.
I took it to my friends father that know polaris very well. We found out that its only running on 2 cylinders. He is working on it now, I will let you guys know what is causing this and how it was fixed when I find out for anyone that may be having the same problem. of the problems with the triples that I've heard about... powerful machines, but short-lived engines (so I've heard). Dad's friend who owned a triple (back in the early 90's) said it's the fastest machine in the snow, and he loves it dearly... now mind you, it's on it's third engine.
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