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Xcsp Suspension

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I have a 2002 xcsp 500. After trying to ride out the season and getting beat up I need to rebuild my shocks and replace my springs.I know my rear fox can be rebuilt but can i add a clicker on to it? As for the ryde fx, are they rebuildable? The front end of the sled is sitting alot lower than before and the springs are close to being cranked up all the way. What type of springs can ii replace them with, i like to ride as aggressive as i can.
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well here is the deal, your suspension is fixible. as for some of the questions. the rear rear shock on your sled is PPS fox shocks. this shock can not have a licker added but you can revavle it to be stiffer. and yes all the ryde fx shocks can be rebuilt. as for springs i would worrry to much. wiht fresh rebuilt shocks you spring will not need to be cranked on that much. the only springs i would probably replace is your rear torsion spring, coil spring really dont ware out, it take three to four times the riding to make the coil springs shot compared to torsion. get a new set of torsion springs from your dealer they are the best one, aftermarket spring unless titanium (very expensive) will not last as long and just are not as good. i can help you with whatever you need, i have rebuild many suspension and know lots of shock rebuilders. 2 questions, where do you live, and what kind of riding do you do most?
I live in Erie PA and ride mostly trails
well that is a problem to me in im minnesota i dont know anyone out that way. well for trail riding id recommend just getting you shocks rebuild and not revalved. get new torsion springs and leave the front and front track spring. you would not believe how much of a difference just a rebuild makes. if you cant find anyone around there to do your rebuilds, you can ship them to here in minnesota to one of a few really good guys.
If you'd like a clicker added to your PPS talk to Jerry at:

He's quite the authority on the PPS - with and without clickers, his prices are reasonable, and he's very easy to talk with.

The stock Edge progressive front springs are kinda wimpy for aggressive riding, but can easily be replaced with straight rate 110-120's that work well, and are not too expensive to replace.

The rear torsion springs are like 75.00 apiece. Most guys I know kinda want to make sure they really are bad prior to laying out that kind of money.

The springs are fine if you can establish the correct sag setting (maybe 3" for the kind of riding you are describing) with them. From there, bottoming resistance is about shocks and proper suspension setup.
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