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Hey Gang I'm looking for some thoughts. I have a 2001 Polaris classic touring 550 fan 3700 miles.
E-start and reverse runs great.
Also a 1999 XLT with a 600 triple (liquid obviously) also reverse electric start. 1800 miles. X12 suspension.
Condition is similar on both sleds and I'm wondering which one to keep.
I just picked up the XLT as part of a package but it has been well maintained and is clean: the guy was a real fuss budget. I've had my 550 fan for 3 years now and it always starts n runs great ...
has never let me down. I've heard that the 550 fans sometimes have meltdowns when they get to a certain age? I also heard the 600 troubles can be fussy and can foul plugs although the guy I got it from said he's never fouled any plugs.
The fan is obviously lighter but lower top speed (I'm too old, had my need 4 speed days) so not a huge concern. I am impressed with how smooth and relatively quiet the 600 is.
Never had a triple; heard they are actually not gas hogs like you would think. The 550 is pretty decent on gas.
I ride mostly on non-main trails here in Central NY... might see 6-10 sleds in a day... not exactly maoncruisimg hiways. Which should I keep??
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