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Zr 500 and 600 history?

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The ZR 500 has been dicontinued according to  I just read the article and havent seen this discussed on the forum yet. The ZR600 has not yet come up in the model line up... I hope that they do not discontinue the 600 twin in the ZR I happened to like that setup alot. I guess time will tell
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Maybe they are all going to be Firecats and they just didn't release the F6 yet???
With that lightweight F7 putting out 140 HP and an F5 that puts out 104 I dont know if there will be a need for an F6. Its too early to tell. I have heard a leak of a 1300CC four stroke, however although we were all thinking 2003 sled it was on the schedule for a late 2003 release. With the RX-1 out we may see this early fall. Dont think its not on the way because cats not going to let anybody get far outta there sight. I think the 600 will be retired solely into the ZL chassis. AS it is my guess is that the new F5 is going to rip apart a ZR 600. I cant wait to see one in the dealers.
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