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Zr 800 gearing?

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Has any one tried 25/38 in there 800's, My old T-cat had it's hands full this weekend with my buddys 800, told me he's running 25/38, had excellent top, thinking of setting my wife's 800 like that...
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If one of you guys could give me some advice I would appreciate it. My buddie and I both have  02 zr 800 EFI's and his always works good. all he did was gear 23/40 and left everything else stock. I have a Black Magic and D&D clutch kits and have tested both against him. I left my gearing stock and I find that I get the hole shot  and hold it to about 80mph and then he pulls on me. This is pi$$ing me off cause I was told that these kits were suposed to rock all the way thru the power band. What can I do here ?

   Just for the record the BM kit seems to be better than  D&D .
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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