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The 5 Percent weight gain of the F-7 should put it behind th Zr 900 once again in speed. The Torque and ponies of the nine with proper clutching should put it back on top. The F-7 should barely beat a Zr 800 now. Cat should give F-7 buyers a trip somewhere for being mislead. :angry: SWRules

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If the F-7 can run with the 800 and i would bet give the 900 a run for it's money with 100 to 200 less CC they should pat them selves on the back not give away trips? :doh:

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Saw A F 7 beat on Rev 800
JETRO on 9/28/2002 2:27:00 PM

Some local sledheads finaly got to line them up on the grass today, Both sleds were bone stock running in a farm field in NH. Bad news for the Rev. Pretty even for first 300-400 FT. then the F 7 just walked away, they ran about 1000 ft of long grass and 5 out of 5 times the cat got him.
should be some intresting replys...

f-5 on 9/28/2002 4:20:00 PM

where in new hampshire?

dynofox on 9/28/2002 4:33:00 PM
big block torq!!

That doesn't suprise me one bit, the rev chassis will be very slow on top end.

rooky on 9/28/2002 5:07:00 PM

I agree about the rev, powerful but the guys winning the drags have them tied down ALOT. When in the stock position they will not be quite as quick, but I still want one!!

Black Ice on 9/28/2002 6:57:00 PM

I agree with the rooky, tie the REV down and they will be quicker! Quick enough????

JETRO on 9/28/2002 8:30:00 PM

They were both impressive, the REV seems to come out o the hole a bit better, but the F 7 seems to be a rocket once underway. Both beet a ZR 800 with a clutch kit and a stupid loud can.. It was in concord. Both lost to a mod Mach Z by a fair bit.

goody on 9/28/2002 8:52:00 PM

first off,, i think the f7 will be fast,, how fast,, maybe the fastest twin on the snow, only time will tell,, but dont count out the rev yet. i took my 800 rev out on the grass today,, weight transfer is an issue, the revs seating position without studs?? well it spins wildly!! i set the rear up to the softest, i weigh 210, and sat back as far as i could. when it hooked it was awsum,, getting it to hook was hard without studs. heres my observation-- f7,, no premix,, its a fuely,, doo, premix, its running rich,, i assume the sleds have not had a full tank of gas? f7, again fuely,, fuel delivery alot closer,, doo,, rich jetting? maybe dpm would correct it. maybe not as good as the cat at 70 degrees?? doo,, retarted timing,,good at the bottom, soft on the top,, cat, no timing issues. equal hook up on a hard packed road, broke in at 35 degrees, it will be interesting this winter. i had a zr8 carb and raced it,, awsum sled,, also raced my mxz7,, great sled,, just took out my rev 8 today in the field,, best first impression i ever had on a sled, by far!!!! and i,ve had too many to list in the last 6 yrs. just my unbiased opinion. both sleds will be great i,m sure!!

670HOTH on 9/28/2002 9:07:00 PM

The regular MXZ (ZX chassis) has the new TRAIII clutch and the 03 800 did get some changes (even the non-HOs). The 03 MXZ800 may be a hotter ticket than the REVs for drags (at least top speed). Having said that, I still would take a new REV over anything out there.

scratch on 9/29/2002 7:44:00 AM

in 2001 cat change the break in we were suppose to pre mix the first tank. they changed something with the pick up so it would not plug when mixing the first tank. so unless cat changed it back for 2003 he should be pre mixedin the F-7

wrench on 9/29/2002 8:05:00 AM

To those that think that premix makes a sled run rich. It is not. You are actually leaning it out. Whatever volume of oil that you add will displace an equal amount of fuel.

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I think somebody mentioned it, but the REV would have retarded timing. Last winter on my 02 mxz8 I could instantly tell when the break in chip got burnt through.
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