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Any one have any major mechanical concerns with the ZR 900 motor??  I think i might order one for next year, but I read some posts about the vibration being sooo horrible and that it is soooo big that it won't be able to hold together.  I don't really believe it, but I was hoping that some of you with more mechanical experince, or actual 900 seat time, might be able to share your opinion with me.  
I guess this it the next best thing since the discontinuation of the Tcat.  I've considered buying a used or left over Tcat, but not quite sure.  Does anyone think that they would be over priced now that they have stopped production.  There was a left over for sale on ebay and they hyped it to be "soon to be collectors item" and was expecting to get more than MSRP.  What does the majority think?

Thanks in advance for all rational responses.
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