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Zrt 600 runs lean

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After cleaning all of the water out of the fuel system on my ZRT , I added 5gal of gas mixed with 6oz of ISO-HEAT fuel line de-icer in with the gas. I also mixed in 14-15oz of oil in the gas to and when pulled the plugs they showed it was running lean. Last season the plugs were black now there white. Is it because I mixed in too much de-icer or is the injector pump dead?
                                     Please Help!
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I'm no expert but I'd say that is way too much ISO-HEET.  I was told that stuff don't work.  I was told to use a cap full of Isopropyl Alcohol to a full tank of gas every once in a while, this will allow any water in the system to burn without harm to the motor.  Don't know if there is any truth to that but that is what I was told by some old dude.
I always put half a bottle of Isopropyl in the tank when I fill up from empty and never had problem yet.
I run ISO quite religiously and without problems in my AC as well as in the past several Polaris I've run. IMO you'll have more trouble running lean as a result of ice than as a result of de-icers. I do prefer to run lesser amounts than what you indicated and it works well at lower ratios as long as you do it all the time.

If you're concerned about the alcohol in your fuel, you might try siphon the tank watching for water as you do. You might have more water than you think if you have water at all and that could cause lean running. A final factor to consider is that mixing alcohol and oil together in the gas can cause problems with separation of the mixture. I'm not sure what that might do. Siphoning out your mix and so you're nearly bone dry (and at least getting whatever water out) and going with simply a gas / oil mix might give better results. As long as you have the engine running on mix you can also pull off the oil injector lines and let the engine run watching to see if oil flows from them. You could even activate the throttle activated oil pump arm to see if the oil rate increases.
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yeah u can trust me on this this summer while i was getting set up asphalt,i had a problem that sounded like water in the fuel. a friend of mine thought he would put a bottle of that in my tank will i was out getting new plugs. whent out forgot to fill the sled up. made two passes on the second pass i thought,gee that sounded a little lean .  a second latter pow. melted the middle piston . couldnt figure it out then buddy asked if methol would do that, and one more mistery  add more fuel it will help
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